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Bringing clarity and purpose to the productively faithful.

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The Journal of a Man
Volume I

a witness of faith, discernment, and perseverance

Had a temporary setback, nothing to worry about. We will be launching again soon!

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Men, you're made for great love and hard things. Join the other men made from...

 Coaching, Books, Adventure Retreats, and more...

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Don't take my word for it - Righteous Reviews

How have you been formed by great love? How have you been hardened by hard things? If this were simply a physical challenge, making it to the top and back down would be satisfying enough on its own. But that is not the idea behind the “Iron Ore” retreat, as
created by Adam Jarosz of Righteous Co. The challenge of the mountain climb is what draws the man in and invites him to enter into a weekend of reflection, retreat, sharing, and going forward with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. 

This invisible reality is made clear and visible when we enter into the mountain climb. Because as much as it is a test of physical strength, it is a test of the spirit and the will to enter into the challenge and follow it through to its completion.

Bob reflecting on IO: Marcy

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