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"No man is worth his salt who is not ready at all times to risk his well-being, to risk his body, to risk his life, in a great cause."

Theodore Roosevelt


Life is adventurous, let's do it together. As my daughter says, "Let's Go!"


Experiences by Righteous Co. are designed with the purpose of bringing people together  to learn, build community and camaraderie, and inspire to go out and do what has been put on their heart to do. We want to build experiences and events that matter, that make a difference.


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Where Righteous Co. makes a difference...

Adam Jarosz brings a unique blend of experience including 17 years of various levels of ministry leadership, 10 years in the hospitality/event industry, degrees in Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship, and on going professional training in leadership coaching.


Adam has led over one hundred retreats and many more events. He loves bringing people together in hospitality and doing experiences that matter. Take a look below for offerings.



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Let's Go!

For Dreamers and Doers

Let's Go! will be an on-going effort, a culture, to approach a wide range of disciplines. Through community sharing, creative sessions, socials, and masterminds, dreamers and doers will have a variety of options to work out their vision.

Stay tuned on the socials for the next Let's Go! event. Come grab a drink and be ready to work on the vision you have.

  • Happy Hours

  • Spark Sessions

  • Masterminds (coming 2020/2021)

  • Mountain Excursions (coming 2020/2021)

Iron Ore

Catholic Leadership Conference

"Iron sharpens iron" Proverbs 27:17

Serving as a Catholic Christian in the Diocese of Buffalo, I have seen first hand the devastation the Church has been going through. Every leader I talk to is deflated, at best. 

We need to envision again. If the Church is led by the Holy Spirit, then we should invite Him in to lead the way forward.

This conference  is being built as a space to inspire these leaders forward. 

Coming 2020/2021

Men's Retreat

A Men's Retreat to spark the adventurous heart God gave us

"I want to see mountains again Gandolf, mountains!" Bilbo Baggins

Men are more than what society tells us. We yearn for purpose and virtue. We were built for it. This retreat is in the pipeline to get out into the mountains, spend time with our Creator, and recharge the adventurous, masculine heart we've been given.

Coming 2021/2022

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We're only at the beginning of this journey with Righteous Co. Experiences. There will be more to come as we progress. Follow along on our progress and ask how you can help! 

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