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Adam Jarosz

Husband, Father

Founder, Coach, Writer, Catholic Minister


Dreamer, Doer

Adam is the founder of Righteous Co. with 20 years of experience as a servant leader in ministry and hospitality. You can see his personal blog and LinkedIn below.

Righteous Co.

Righteous Co. is born from a desire and mission to help people dream, do, and be righteous. Using coaching, content, and experiences, Righteous Co. serves believers, leaders, dreamers, and doers. 


Our purpose is to build the virtuous, industrious, adventurous, and creative heart that God gave us so we can live a fulfilled life in service of Him and others.


Our Spirituality

We are a company run by devout Catholic Christians. We are dedicated to the Holy Spirit and His movements. We are backed by three patrons...

1. St. Joseph the Worker, Terror of Demons

2. Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

3. Bl. Carlo Acutis

On Ecumenism: We are unapologetically Catholic, we share the Triune God. Our common ground for all Christians in the Lord makes us better together in a world increasingly going dark. Let's build a bridge together no matter where you find yourself. I welcome all of our Christian brothers and sisters to put down the fight and let's break bread.

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