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Bring your "A" game as this powerful format of intentional men






Set your big goals, climb higher and faster, invest in your Righteous Five priorities...

  • 1. The Transcendent - Grow and center your faith

  • 2. The Ore - Accelerate and hone self-improvement so you can give abundantly

  • 3. The Vocation - Strengthen your great call in life; marriage, priesthood, religious life, & singlehood

  • 4. The Labor - Excel at your work and craft

  • 5. The Leisure - Enjoy the fruits of your leisure 

How it works

1. Start with the six-week firestarter - a "come and see" and participate fully without strings attached.

2. Commit to the ongoing conversation - two sessions a month via Zoom. Every other Wednesday at 3pm

3. Get benefits for belonging - save on retreats and one-on-one sessions. Earn savings by referring others into the mix. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Paragon Mastermind Fire Starter

    Six-Week Enrollment to the Paragon Mastermind
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Six-Week Intensive
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